Every-Accomplishment (Custom)

To dream & to dare make them true
To fail, improve and learn from it, in times due
To change, evolve, and become stronger than before
To recognize and overcome past pains from closed doors
To share and love someone with . . talk, touch and time
To see what is not there, yet feel its glow and shine
To believe in oneself, in the face of adversity
To express oneself, let go of fears, and enjoy life’s diversity
To live within your means, without selling happiness for wealth
To learn, and lead others to better their health
To be true to your desires and spirit at all cost
To follow your own path, and lead those who are lost
To enjoy beauty in all her mysterious forms
To reconnect with items cherished, once lost to the storm
To pay it forward, and not back
To deliver light to the soul gone black