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So, you feel that swelling in your heart. The kind that makes you want to write poetry and beautiful music.

You have the crazy indescribable urge to broadcast to the world that you’re in love and make frequent references to friends and colleagues about the object of your affection. You are on a delicious, delirious high and feel that nothing can bring you down.

But is it genuine true love that you have stumbled across or an insidious impostor? One that leaves a trail of broken hearts and broken promises everywhere. History is replete with stories of unconditional love that reached almost to the heights of heaven itself.

Couples who were bonded so closely that nothing could come between them. Unfortunately for every one of those tales there are literally thousands more which end in sorrow and despair.

Most of the time the pain that results from a relationship ending has more to do with our own unrealised fantasies and lost hope than it has to do with our choice of mate.

To say that true love is hard to find is an understatement. Many people live their lives without ever knowing what it is and never meeting the one person who can share a meaningful relationship with them. Others may be feelin’ kinda confused to really appreciate true love when it walks through the door.

Most people think true love is happiness without effort. That if it takes too much effort, it wasn’t ‘true love’. If we continue to believe that love takes no effort to maintain, there is no way we could ever find this ‘true love’.

I’ve read somewhere that love is a verb, not a noun. It is not some mystical emotion that just happens to spark between two people. That’s where the confusion begins when contemplating love. In relationships, love is confused with the lust associated with our natural desire to reproduce.

In family, love is confused with the natural desire to nurture. These natural desires are caused by chemicals, bound to ebb and flow at various intervals. If we rely on these chemicals to make and break our love for each other, we become very careless of our emotions.

To me true love desnt happen in an instant. It takes time. A lot of things will happen. You’ve gone numerous changes and one day you’ll realise that this person is the one for you. If you realise it. Some people don’t.

But the thing about true love is, some people will have it for eternity. Some will experience it but it will pass by. Some people will find it but yet still remain as friends. Whatever it is, to experience it is an awesome feeling by itself which you can never ever can deny.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same again. But we are forever thankful that they are there in the first place. Without you, there is no me.

For I have experienced it. And found it. And lost it.

And will find it again.