There was a time when I was in polytechnic, in 2001, exactly a decade ago (Damn, I’m old), taking a Maths exam. I got so frustrated as I do not know how to solve a mathematical differentiation question. There were five questions only for the whole paper, all 20 marks each. I don’t know how to do 3 of em’. So after cracking my head and pretended to know how to do, I finally gave up.

Therefore without thinking, i wrote ” Only Smarties Have The Answer ” on the answer column of each of the 3 question.

I failed that paper.

And I have to repeat the same module the next semester, which i had to take double Maths, which is even more sad as most of my classmates get to learn French or Japanese . . And I have to take Maths !!!

Suxx rite. Yeah I managed to scrape through n pass, only after studying like mad. I don’t really like Maths !! . . In fact, i HATE it !!

Well, here are some funny pictures that also kind of show you that there are people who dun actually like Mathematics that much.

Hmmmm, I am not alone. Good to know that. Haha!

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