I found this image while net surfin’ other people’s blog. Obviously it belonged to a female. Lets call her Miss Gaga. She was describing that her perfect guy should be all those described in the image. And she was lamenting that it was difficult to find a guy that can do all those described.

I was laughing to myself by then. I find it pretty amusing actually. I wanted to ask a question by commenting but decided not to as it would be a complete waste of my time and hers.

My question was, since you have a description of what your perfect guy should do, what is it that you can give in return if that guy manage to do all those described. Your love ?

That’s all ?? Do you think it will balanced out pretty well ?

But thank God, love is all about giving. not about what you expect in return
At least that’s how i see it. And thats how you should see it as well.

The truth is peeps, i have actually fulfilled all those described a long time ago. Yes i did. Go ask the women I’ve fallen for. Yeah, i could have been Miss Gaga’s ‘perfect guy’ and maybe to alot of other women as well . .

But of course, the theory and practical is always different. The practical part and the ugly truth part is that . . Enuff is never enough . . . you may complete all those described and yet they will always be redundant. You’ll give A and she’ll want B. You’ll give B, and she’ll want C . . .

This is the age where love is measured through education, wealth and status. Which i find rather absurb. When you measure love through that kind of medium, there’s bound to be expectations. When there’s bound to be expectations, there’s a chance you’ll never get what you expected.

And then you’ll be unhappy. And then you’ll hate. The term ‘enough is never enough’ is mostly due to expectations. You spoil your own market by giving more than what you should. And when you can’t keep up, you are on the losing end. There’s always another guy that can overtake you, unless you are of Rockstar status of course. Haha . . .  .

On a lighter note, i am writing all this through experience and what i see around me.