As I get older, I realize that life is indeed precious and fragile.

Gone are the days where i view life as just a daily routine or those days where we all wanna do nu-thin but enjoy n have fun.

Life is a journey thru destiny. In my 27 yrs, I’ve seen and went thru a lot. I’ve mixed wif people from all backgrounds. And went places that made you open your eyes. This makes me realize that this is the real world. Not the one on TV where all endings are happy.

When i reflect back on my life so far, I have nothing to be proud of. There’s nothing worth a mention. Its all a haze. It’s all a lie

It suddenly came upon me tat i need to sit up and take control of my life. How many of us are actually in control of our own destinies ? None actually. Cuz anything can happen anytime anywhere. Today i maybe poor, tomorrow u might be working for me. Today you maybe the fastest runner, but tomorrow u may not even have legs to walk, let alone run.

That’s what make life interesting. Anything can happen if it’s fated.
Even when u thought u’re in control.

I think life is be a blessing. And a curse. It’s how u look at it that’s important.

Therefore, after 27 yrs, I wish to take control of my life and be prepared for any challenges ahead. there’s no smooth sailing in life. nothing’s without a struggle. U

Only God knows what the next 20 or 30 yrs has in store for me. But i won’t be daunted by that anymore cuz i’m prepared. prepared for my destiny. prepared for my journey thru life

As the old saying goes —> ** Humans only plan while God decides  **